Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Basics of My Random Fuckery

Now, usually when someone starts a blog they do a basic outline of what their content is going to be like so you, the dumbfuck reader, knows whether or not you want to follow said blog (In my case, I'm incredibly awesome so you'll follow me no matter what I do).

I'm not like all those other bloggers. You want to know what sets me apart?


This is obvious considering that I skipped all that bullshit with my first post and got straight to my kick-ass opinion on the Egypt riots (You should read that article right now if you haven't already, it'll give you an idea of how much better I am than you). I, however, have now decided to inform you of what's in store for all y'all motherfuckers by laying out the various content that I will be posting.

Opinion Articles

This is going to be my most basic form of expression. As you've already seen with my first post these will consist of my opinions on various things going on in the world and in my life. Most of the time these will exhibit my most excellent vocabulary (As demonstrated in my first post) but sometimes I may need to calm down and talk in a civil manner (i.e. like a pussy)

My Opinions=Truth
Movie Reviews

I currently work at a movie theater to help pay my bills and this has fostered somewhat of a deep obsession with fine cinema (read: gore exploitation films for the most part). Because of my discerning tastes I wish to write reviews so that you, the reader, may know which movies you have to see and you are a complete and utter waste of skin if you don't; and which ones are so utterly terrible that I would rather fuck myself with a razor dildo than figuratively skull-fuck myself by watching them. I may also do riffs of certain films if I get the time.
This is probably the first one I'm going to review
Get ready to vomit

Video Game/Mod Reviews

Like many others on the internet today, I'm all too familiar with going on virtual killing-sprees and enacting my most sadistic fantasies in the digital realm. I'm also a cheap-skate, so most of the video-games I actually play are mods. In truth, though I play probably an upwards of 40 different games, there's only about six or so that I've had to pay for, the rest being some seriously kick-ass mods. If I get enough of a following (Which I'm sure I will, considering I'm basically Jesus 2.0) I hope I may be able to interview some mod developers.

This rules my life

That's all for now, you glorious bastards, Rad Thad out.


  1. cool blog, looking forward to the movie review!

    your friend,

  2. I'm following you because you are awesome.


  3. I'm looking forward to your blog! Sounds like it will be awesome :D

  4. Ugh. No. Not A Serbian film. Not again! O_o
    Following and supporting.

  5. Justin Bieber's new movie definitely deserves a review from you. I heard it's so gorey that audiences agored it.