Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Matters Concerning the Future of Humanity as it Relates to Artificial Intelligence

I don't know if any of you fuckers out there watch Jeopardy, but I do, and I love it intensely. I'm real fucking pro when it comes to obscure trivia and I've found that most of the time I'm able to outperform the contestants on the show....until now.

IBM has created a computer that can compete in Jeopardy and they've named it SkyNet Watson.

Watson's logo, obviously pinpointing potential threats to the Machines
This is seriously fucking scary. Not only has a super-intelligent AI been created but it's been able to do what no mortal has been able to do before: best me at Jeopardy. It's only a matter of time before Watson becomes bored with it's current opponents, Brad and Ken, and come searching for a more formidable opponent. Namely: me.

I'm assuming one of these is going to show up at my house and challenge me to 20 Questions
What if I'm the last hope for humanity, the John Connor of prime-time game shows. I'll need to start preparing my mind if I want to compete with the cold, emotionless, calculating super-computer that would like nothing more than to humiliate me in front of the entire nation, sending a clear message that machines now controlled the world of game shows and any attempt to dethrone them would be met with unmerciful force.

But fear not, my comrades. You can rest assured that I will not go down without a fight. And when I finally crush Watson's silently whirring CPU beneath my boot, you can be sure that I will deal with that traitor, Alex Trebek, who attempted to pave the way for AI dominance.

I've got your number, Trebek
And your mother's as well

Also, I'd like to say that there's going to be a slight change to my updating schedule. When I started this blog I wanted to try and be able to post daily. I quickly realized this was a terrible mistake because even though I'm quite awesome, I simply can't distribute it every single day. So from now on I will be making at least one totally fucking awesome post a week, though I will update more frequently than that if I find more things to talk about that week.

Rad Thad out, you robot-fighting people

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm one of those guys whose really into the idea of "fuck societal norms", and no, this does not mean that I'm one of those retards that would consider breathing too mainstream if it weren't for the fact that it was essential for continued life.
This guy is so non-conformist that he dresses just like a million other people
I fucking hate hipsters
In truth, there's a lot of things I do that may not exactly be seen as part of the mainstream such as growing facial hair, listening to thrash metal (FUCKING SLAYER), and eating food that nobody else seems to like (see previous post). The thing is, however, I don't do these things so I feel like a unique little snowflake, I do them because I really fucking love those things, and I'm soon going to be adding "getting tattoos" to that list.

Now, I know that a lot of people already have tattoos and that it's not really all that unique, and I'm cool with that. You want to know why?

I just don't give a fuck

I've wanted to get a tattoo since I was 14 and I've had to constantly listen to argument after argument about why I shouldn't get one, and I didn't listen to a single one of them and I'm going to be getting my first tattoos this summer. I'm pretty fucking excited about all of this because I have a friend doing the design, which is going to be woodcuts of two ravens (one standing still and the other taking off) and they're going to be placed on the back of my shoulders (I've been told that it's going to hurt like a sonavabitch because of where they're going to be). Best part of all is that these are definitely not going to be my only ones since I have ideas for at least four more that I'm going to get eventually.

Now, I think that anyone who wants to get a tattoo should just do it, but I feel that you should really put some thought into it. If there's one thing I hate, it's people who just get random Sailor Jerry shit without putting any meaning behind it and just getting it because they thought it would be cute.
Real fucking original
This isn't to say that all Sailor Jerry style tattoos are terrible, I just think that if you're going to put something permanent on your body, you should make sure there's some meaning behind it.

Also, anybody out there who is on the fence about whether or not to get a tattoo (or people who already know they want one or people who already have them): you should read Tattoo Machine: My Life in Ink by Jeff Johnson, it's a real good read about the guy's life and he gives his advice on getting tattoos (which really encouraged me to get mine)
Stop what you're doing and read this fucking book right now, you son of a bitch
Rad Thad out, you inked-up people

P.S. I'm over 1,000 views! FUCK YEAH!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random Fuckery In Quebec City

So, I'm sure all y'all motherfuckers are off drooling over the SuperBowl and thoroughly denying that there's anything homo-erotic about it despite there being more butt-slapping than a Russian bathhouse in Amsterdam.

I'll just leave this here
Anyway, I'm not really concerned about any of that because I just had the most awesome fucking time in Quebec city. Seriously, it was fucking radical. I was up there for their Winter Carnival, one of the best celebrations I've ever experienced. I'm sure it's a lot different from when it started but now it consists of loud noises, techno beats, snow sculptures, vuvuzelas, and plastic canes that you can fill with alcohol.
Step 1: Fill with beer
Step 2: Drink in public
Step 3: Pass out drunk
Needless to say, my friends and I had a marvelous time, that is, when we weren't busy digesting the Quebecois food of choice: poutine. For those unfamiliar with this most fabulous dish, it consists of french fries which are covered in gravy and then topped with cheese curds. Just looking at this stuff will raise your cholesterol levels. You must be careful however, because once you take your first bite you also take your first step down the road to morbid obesity unless you can maintain proper control.
It may look disgusting, but trust me: it's really fucking delicious
Overall, it was a pretty magnificient trip and I encourage all of you fuckers to go next year, unless you're too much of a pussy and can't take the cold weather.

Rad Thad out, all you BonHommes.

BonHomme, the totally not creepy mascot of Winter Carnival

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sorry Guys

Sorry, but there's not gonna be a post today, I had a pretty shitty day at work and I'm really burnt out right now. I also won't be posting for the next two days because I'm going up to Quebec with some friends for Winter Carnival. See y'all on Sunday

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

First Game Review: MNC

So, due to the snow I had a pretty chillaxed day today and ended up not doing all that much (except for watching A Serbian Film, and man was that fucked up; I think you guys are gonna love the review). Anyway, I spent most of today watching TV and playing videogames (mostly videogames). I wasn't exactly in the mood to play a lot of the games and mods that I already had so first I headed over to ModDB to see if there was anything there I wanted to go for. Unfortunately, no.

I really felt like I wanted something new though, and considering I've been having to pull extra hours at the movie theater, I felt confident that I could afford a good budget title, so I headed off to the Steam Store to check out any deals they were having. This is where two titles caught my eye: Global Agenda and Monday Night Combat.

Now, there were two reasons I really even considered Global Agenda: first of all, it was on sale for $7.50 and there were no subscription fees, and secondly; at a glance it reminded me of PlanetSide.

Man, I loved the 14 day free trial of this game, just not enough to pay $12.99/month for it

Anyway, after viewing a few gameplay videos of GA I decided to go with MNC instead even though it was a little under $7.00 more. Now, I had been vaguely aware of MNC when it came out for XBox Live Arcade but I hadn't really paid much mind to it because it really just seemed like a blatant copy of TF2 that was dumbed down for console players. Because of this, I was pretty surprised when I found out they were releasing it for PC (and that it was going to be distributed by Steam, especially). Again, I just disregarded it as a bad console port and decided not to pre-order it.

Imagine my surprise when I go to PCGamer's website and find that they actually gave MNC their Editor's Choice Award! I was totally baffled, I thought for sure that MNC was just a lame rip off, but if PCG liked that, then I probably would too.

Review after the jump

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hey guys, thought I'd just post a quick thing and point out that I got 420 views on my blog!


LePage does not approve

That's all I got until tomorrow

Rad Thad out, you red-eyed people

Winter is so Fucking Awesome

I'm gonna lay some heavy information on you fuckers: I live in Maine.

Let that digest for a moment.

I've lived in Maine since I was born, and, being a true Mainer, I fucking love Winter and its byproduct: snow. I love snow so fucking much, and if you don't love snow I want nothing to do with you.

Look at this

I'm telling you all this because its currently snowing like a motherfucker just outside my window and I'm just getting total ecstasy from it. Some of you may be wondering "Is this really the only reason he's telling us this?"

My answer? No.

I'm telling you this because Winter is not the only thing I love about Maine, it's nature in general that totally just sets me off. Unfortunately, the dumb motherfucker who about a third of the state managed to elect because the rest of us were trying to get absolutely anybody else into the Governor's office actually won (Seriously, a majority of Maine would've rather had a shit-stained piece of toilet paper win than this dumb cunt). For those of you who don't keep up on Maine politics, I'm talking about Paul LePage.

I hate this motherfucker

Now before any of you freak out; no, I'm not just some raging hippie liberal who immediately hates anyone who isn't part of my flowerchild commune. I was willing to give LePage a chance after he won the election. I mean, I was still upset but I figured "Hey, fuck it, might as well give this bastard a chance. Who knows, maybe he'll actually do a good job." WRONG

Since this fucker got elected all he's basically done is make Maine look like a state of complete redneck assholes who couldn't complete a basic algebra problem even if they really fucking tried. On top of all his gross incompetence he's basically pledged to all of the Tea Party retards that he's gonna rape Maine's woodlands, and rape them hard.

In short, I really wanted to give LePage a chance, but he's just a dumb motherfucker.

Rad Thad out, you bloggin' people.

P.S. Because of the aforementioned snow I actually have the day off from work tomorrow so I'm gonna start working on my first movie review. It might be up tomorrow but I wouldn't hold your breath.

P.P.S. If you want to discuss politics in the comments feel free, just please don't post shit like "DURR I HAET CONSERVATIVES BECUZ THEYRE NAZIS" or "HERP A DERP, ALL LIBURULS SHUD DIE BECUZ THE LORD JEZUS TOLD ME THAT GUN CONTRL IS BAD HURR.,"