Sunday, February 6, 2011

Random Fuckery In Quebec City

So, I'm sure all y'all motherfuckers are off drooling over the SuperBowl and thoroughly denying that there's anything homo-erotic about it despite there being more butt-slapping than a Russian bathhouse in Amsterdam.

I'll just leave this here
Anyway, I'm not really concerned about any of that because I just had the most awesome fucking time in Quebec city. Seriously, it was fucking radical. I was up there for their Winter Carnival, one of the best celebrations I've ever experienced. I'm sure it's a lot different from when it started but now it consists of loud noises, techno beats, snow sculptures, vuvuzelas, and plastic canes that you can fill with alcohol.
Step 1: Fill with beer
Step 2: Drink in public
Step 3: Pass out drunk
Needless to say, my friends and I had a marvelous time, that is, when we weren't busy digesting the Quebecois food of choice: poutine. For those unfamiliar with this most fabulous dish, it consists of french fries which are covered in gravy and then topped with cheese curds. Just looking at this stuff will raise your cholesterol levels. You must be careful however, because once you take your first bite you also take your first step down the road to morbid obesity unless you can maintain proper control.
It may look disgusting, but trust me: it's really fucking delicious
Overall, it was a pretty magnificient trip and I encourage all of you fuckers to go next year, unless you're too much of a pussy and can't take the cold weather.

Rad Thad out, all you BonHommes.

BonHomme, the totally not creepy mascot of Winter Carnival


  1. I hope to visit Quebec one day! It sounds amazing and I'll like to go that winter carnival!

  2. Quebec? sound interesting, would like to see more pics if possible

  3. That poutine looks delicious,
    I'd go to Quebec just to eat those fries.

  4. french fries, gravy, and cheese curds? hmmmmm

  5. When I hear Quebec I just think of South Park's take on French Canada. Mimes and the road...the only road of Canada.

  6. Man seriously, were you just visiting or something? because i happen to be in quebec city too.

    Bonhomme Carnaval is a flexy muther effer have you seen him bust his move with the hand and the foot?

    / Legit comment

  7. That is the creepiest god damn mascot I have ever seen.

  8. hahaha the first pic is so funny,nice blog

  9. That mascot is going to give me so many nightmares...

  10. That dish did NOT look disgusting. I want some now!

    Following and supporting.